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getting misfire on whole left bank on my 98gs400 lexus
I go to start my car and it won't turn over I get a click sound just one click, I depress the brake and try it again it starts! but now i need multiple trys turning key in the ignition to start the car .Does this me...
I'm hearing a loud squeaking creaking sound coming from the front passenger side I've had the lower control arm replaced but the noise came right back a day later and now the mechanic is saying I need to change the strut
this noise was at first was only when i hit a bump but now its all the time a load squeaking, i ve been told it was struts then lower ball joints but no one know what it is can somebody help!
brand new battier alternator checked still missing.runs pretty rough my VSC button is on could that be the problem
inside the throttle body the part that operates the baffle is not going all the way back
some cars have fuel pump in tank wit fuel level sensor, does this car?
All the lights work now but the warning light on the dashboard and a ringing type alarm still go off.
trying to set timing dont no which one is the #1 spark plug
lock cylinder wont turn on the 1999 gs400 lexus, i try to see what the problem could be by pulling off the cover on a 1998 lexus gs 300 from around the key and both cylinder lock and wont turn, help
i have a 98 lexus gs 400, its idleing rugh and running the same way, it has 173000 miles. I'll really apreciate it if anybody can advise what may be the problem
there's clicking noise coming from the fuse box next to the battery, an battery life is poor what can i do to prevent this???....
It seems to happen every two or three days. I have to reset radio and clock. Sometimes its working and other times its not. also I hear rapid clicking sounds in dash area.
My battery indicator light on my dashboard just started coming on, but so did the 'VSC', 'ABS', and 'VSC Off' indicator lights. The battery indicator goes away after a few seconds, but the other indicator lights stay ...
the proble just happened
I'm experiencing a pretty steady leak from my transmission. This leak is underneath, at the back of the engine, almost lining-up with back of the front wheel well. when I look under, where it's leaking, I see (I think...
I own a 99 Gs400. Having a bit of a problem. Firstly, the stiring wheel no longer goes in nor comes out when I insert the key. Secondly, I no longer have control of the windows from the driver's door. The interion lig...
im trying to figure out wat is the name of the part that conn to the air filter housing and the throttle body that has 3 hoses.
Was driving to work the battery light came on, it was raining...defroster's, headlights, windshield wipers and stereo all were on...get off work sunny outside battery light still on..nothing else was on inside car all...
In the morning it occatinlly will not turn over