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getting misfire on whole left bank on my 98gs400 lexus
I go to start my car and it won't turn over I get a click sound just one click, I depress the brake and try it again it starts! but now i need multiple trys turning key in the ignition to start the car .Does this me...
brand new battier alternator checked still missing.runs pretty rough my VSC button is on could that be the problem
some cars have fuel pump in tank wit fuel level sensor, does this car?
All the lights work now but the warning light on the dashboard and a ringing type alarm still go off.
trying to set timing dont no which one is the #1 spark plug
i have a 98 lexus gs 400, its idleing rugh and running the same way, it has 173000 miles. I'll really apreciate it if anybody can advise what may be the problem
there's clicking noise coming from the fuse box next to the battery, an battery life is poor what can i do to prevent this???....