Hit an enbankment while going at a high speed approximately 45 feet in the air and land landed on other side of ditch.. My front left Tire is Pushed up against the frame my left side is pretty much dented not all the way in tho and my Steering wheel literaly broke in half what would all be wrong with it with a broken steering wheel? ?? PLEASE HELP!!!

I n the summer, when the temperature inside the car goes above 80, the A/C fan completely stops working at all settings. Once the cabin temp cools down, the fan goes back to working. What is the problem?

It is constant and no diagnostic code appears on dashboard

motor and tire bearings were replaced last year by previous owner
new tires in, balanced and aligned 2 weeks ago

over few months small patch has increased and affected the full length of Dash board. it seems like melting and has become very very sticky ,to the point that the even sunscreen even cannot be put to keep car cool as it gets stuck to dashboard.
its a shame that such an expansive car will have such a fault.
Is this something that company should take care off?

Parked my car and went in to doctor's appoint. When I returned, my friend was outside car. He said that all four windows opened and the moonroof opened. He said that he didn't touch anything. It scared him so he jumped out of the car.