Pressures are all correct on tires.
Want to reset warning light

changed gas cap worked for two days and all tbe lights are on again.

Does my car have a chain belt?

I have 74,000 miles on a 2013 Lexus ES 350. Had to replace axle & Cv boot. Don't drive car everyday. Most highway miles. I have another car for city driving. Is it typical to replace an axle with this amount of miles? Car has never been in an accident nor rough driving

Car starts with push button but shuts down while I still have the button pushed in. Sometimes it takes several tries to keep it started.

Several times when I have tried to start the car it starts, then shuts off with me still having the button pushed in. Several times I have tried to start it over and over again. It starts then shuts off, pushing my seat back as if I'm going to get out.

Ac comes on doesn't blow. Any air

Becoming more frequent

The steering wheel is melting what to do about this who do I call

Hit an enbankment while going at a high speed approximately 45 feet in the air and land landed on other side of ditch.. My front left Tire is Pushed up against the frame my left side is pretty much dented not all the way in tho and my Steering wheel literaly broke in half what would all be wrong with it with a broken steering wheel? ?? PLEASE HELP!!!

have howling noise front right. checked tire
ok. Pulled out from tire on wheel seemed tight. voice at low speed going and when
speed reduced. happens every day
Thanks bob Calandri

Driving on highway about 200 miles and radiator fluid pouring out , put fluid in still would not start, had it towed , and the said it was the timing chain the reason it would not start,

I have a clinking noise that comes and goes. My mechanic does not know where it is coming from. He said it could be coming from a fan belt, a bearing or something else. Have you heard of this problem

the screen on my radio goes blank, which means I don't have use of any system that is used through the screen. This is a sporadic problem. The only way to fix is to shutting off the car and starting it up again.

Just had trouble. New battery and fuse system. Now this. Almost same problem with power.

Sounds loader all the time. my mechanic says he cant figure it out. maybe even muffler or my husband thinks its because a lot of those plastic guards have been taken off inside by the wheels after hitting large buckets on the freeway. The sound started long time ago but came and went now its all the time. It sounds like im driving a truck with snow tires.

I n the summer, when the temperature inside the car goes above 80, the A/C fan completely stops working at all settings. Once the cabin temp cools down, the fan goes back to working. What is the problem?