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Doors are open. Cannot open gas door or trunk. How can I open the hood to charge or replace the battery? The car has 130,000 miles on it and is a great car.
Pretty sure the exhaust is leaking near the manifold. Just returned from a 550 mile trip and the exhaust got obnoxiously loud about 100 miles from home. Took it for an expection a month ago and it passed no problem....
There are no other electrical or mechanical problems, it just stopped working one day. I push the button and it doesn't change.
I had an oil change and emissions test at a JiffyLube location in Utah last night. As I was driving home the check engine light came on. I returned to the service station today, and the diagnostic test showed a P0157 ...
It happens every time I accelerate for only a few seconds, then goes away. It almost sounds like a creaking like maybe something is not tightened up all the way. I bought the car used so do not know repair history.
I have very seldom used the window, but on the hot days I like to get fresh air
Battery needed jump twice. We replaced the battery but we're still experiencing electrical problems - radio goes on and off, GPS not responding, trunk won't open from inside. Lexus said alternator looks ok but batter...
2005 Lexus ES330 just had brakes done and new tires. I have no idea where to even begin troubleshooting . If anyone knows I could surly use your wisdom. Thanks
Traction control , VSC and check engine lights came on at the same time. Please need to know how to fix.
I am i handy cap on a fixed income and I need help!
Battery kept dying in driveway so I bought a new battery. Same problem.....Local shop tested it and says I have to take it to a dealership for repair.