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Doors are open. Cannot open gas door or trunk. How can I open the hood to charge or replace the battery? The car has 130,000 miles on it and is a great car.
I replaced my a/c compressor and evaporator due to car not cooling properly. Now the problem exists- the repair guy says that the leak need to be fixed by taking the whole front dashboard out requiring 7-8 hrs labor a...
The manual says Dome (easy to check), ECU-B ?? & RAD NO. 1???
About 5 months ago, my horn decided to stop working, however when I press and hold the panic button on my keys, the alarm works, any advice?
There are now 3 electrical issues with my ES330, there were four but I fixed the back left window by slamming the door, thanks to the great advice on this site. First issue started about 9 months ago, odd clicking...
Pretty sure the exhaust is leaking near the manifold. Just returned from a 550 mile trip and the exhaust got obnoxiously loud about 100 miles from home. Took it for an expection a month ago and it passed no problem....
The brights did work if I pulled the light arm toward the driver. I drove like this for a while (blinding those coming toward me). After 2-3 minutes, I let go of the arm and the lights worked as they normally should. ...
There are no other electrical or mechanical problems, it just stopped working one day. I push the button and it doesn't change.
I had an oil change and emissions test at a JiffyLube location in Utah last night. As I was driving home the check engine light came on. I returned to the service station today, and the diagnostic test showed a P0157 ...
When I depress the button, visually I see the indicator going from lo to hi but nothing is happening - the system doesn't turn on. What could it be?
I replaced it about two weeks ago with no issues. This morning the battery light is on any advice would be helpful. Thanks
It happens every time I accelerate for only a few seconds, then goes away. It almost sounds like a creaking like maybe something is not tightened up all the way. I bought the car used so do not know repair history.
I have very seldom used the window, but on the hot days I like to get fresh air
It happens intermittently and it appears to come from the front passenger side of the car. Also, since the noise, my gas mileage has been erratic
Battery needed jump twice. We replaced the battery but we're still experiencing electrical problems - radio goes on and off, GPS not responding, trunk won't open from inside. Lexus said alternator looks ok but batter...
Any real difficulties getting to them or knowing that one took care of the problem? I have 111K miles on my ES330 & noticed the past month oil leaking. Thank you
high test. Plugs and air filter clean. Runs consistently smooth. Tried a fuel injector cleaner, no help. Any suggestions?
2005 Lexus ES330 just had brakes done and new tires. I have no idea where to even begin troubleshooting . If anyone knows I could surly use your wisdom. Thanks
Traction control , VSC and check engine lights came on at the same time. Please need to know how to fix.
I am i handy cap on a fixed income and I need help!
Battery kept dying in driveway so I bought a new battery. Same problem.....Local shop tested it and says I have to take it to a dealership for repair.
I googled replacements for this model car, and there are many new replacements for $150 -$250. Can anyone recommend a particular replacement?