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I replaced my a/c compressor and evaporator due to car not cooling properly. Now the problem exists- the repair guy says that the leak need to be fixed by taking the whole front dashboard out requiring 7-8 hrs labor a...
The manual says Dome (easy to check), ECU-B ?? & RAD NO. 1???
About 5 months ago, my horn decided to stop working, however when I press and hold the panic button on my keys, the alarm works, any advice?
There are now 3 electrical issues with my ES330, there were four but I fixed the back left window by slamming the door, thanks to the great advice on this site. First issue started about 9 months ago, odd clicking...
It happens intermittently and it appears to come from the front passenger side of the car. Also, since the noise, my gas mileage has been erratic
Any real difficulties getting to them or knowing that one took care of the problem? I have 111K miles on my ES330 & noticed the past month oil leaking. Thank you
$2300 to repair. The car has 100K miles and I also need to replace the timing belt. Is it worth it to drop $3k on these repairs? thanks
this humming noise more noticeable in hot weather.no oil leak on garage floor.is it the pump or the tubing
driver side blowing hot! passenger side blows cold , very cold.......HELP! any suggestion?
The car is shimmering at around 20 miles an hour.
I have a navigation system with single cd, and 6 cd changer in the center console. What could be causing this, and how do I fix it ( make the noise stop)?Everything works fine, but the clicking noise is annoying.