The window does work with the control of the button on the rear passenger door. The window will not work via the driver door control panel.

I need to replace a leaky heater core in a 2004 Lexus ES330.

Why will key not turn to start vehicle

it starts flashing at random intervals. need to fix or shut off. How do I do this?

I just want to know if this is dangerous and can I continue to drive my car? It is a constant clicking.

Remote wire came lose from amp and touch the amp, radio went out car won't start and didn't find any blown fuses, head lights brake lights work Car won't jump won't go in gear Windows Dnt wrk but alarm does and locks work this is the 1st time this has happen the remote wire is running through the ignition switch

both front seats will not adjust. The driver seat is stuck too close to the steering wheel

Does this sound like the problem that needs to be fixed? If so can I do it myself and what's the cost! 157,234 miles on it!

My Lexus recently got hit on front driver side while parked. Drove to body shop with no problems after body damaged was finished and test drive was being performed only 50% of the time it will respond to acceleration instantly. Other times you can have it floored and nothing happens then all the sudden your burning tires. 150,000 miles on it. No codes no sensors

Loss of power during accelerate. 250,000 mile

I am told somewhere on dashboard.I have found one right in front of steering wheel and have covered it but it has no affect on instrument lights.Trying to activate dash lights in daytime.