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I did replaced the throttle sensor for es3000 year 2002 without take off the battery power. Do you think it might kill the sensor?
Dealership has said I need to replace the charcoal canister on car since check engine light continues to come on and the gas cap and throttle body have already been replaced.
once this happens I reduce speed and it returns to the low gear when i increase speed it goes off again am really troubled about this, i took it to run a scan with an error code reporting " gear speed sensor not foun...
after my battery change my car will start but wont hold an idle n shuts off
I lived in Florida for four years and the steering wheel appears to have faded from the sun exposure.
I have been changing the oil every 3000 miles. People tell me this is not necessary for my 2002 Lexus ES300. I drive about 600 miles a month. I don't know whether my mechanic outs in synthetic or regular oil. The oil ...
The leather on my center console cover is worn from 10+ years of use. I bought a new leather cover from eBay and need assistance on how to install it. Any help would be most apprerciated.
I received 3 codes after emission test failure...the one that concerns me is the P1350 which I am told is a Variable Valve timer problem. The other 2 are P0440 + P0442 which I think is from not tightening the gas c...
for a lexus and how could i fix it
ABS,check brake & check engine light is on. mechanic put code reader on & says tr rear speed sensor is the only code. Can speed sensor be repaired or just replace it Thanks
Is there a place to lubricate the column and with what? I have tolerated this for about 5,000 miles. Summer or winter, the same squealing. No noticeable change in steering pressure required. The slower the car speed t...
Alternator replaced with NAPA part. Battery warning light continues to come on from time to time. Dealer checked and found alternator OK and clueless as to reason for battery lighy coming on. Any ideas?
My 2002 ES300 is ten years old and I have never replaced the stems and valves on my tires. How often should I do this?