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I used to hear a squealing noise (like a belt going bad) but, that was when AC was still working. The noise completely stopped and coincidently so did the cold air.... Is this my compressor? I hope it's something else...
this started two days ago.Any time the car runs on rough surface I hear this unusual noise from the front passenger side wheel as if something is loose.
Front struts which one do I need? Toyota Electronic modulated suspension or regular one? Also is it necessary to replace coil spring?
Car will start but once put in gear will not accelerate. Also prior to car unable to accelerate, car would not start after driving long distance; after cooling off car would start but sputter while driving even lose s...
I already had front brakes replaced. Light hasn't been on then suddenly it came on
I've never used this mechanic before and don't know if all the work was performed. Is there a way to check if the valve cover was replaced.
The ac light hasn't blinked any. This happened 1month ago.
My car has a noise coming from the engine that a mechanic told me sounded like a worn out bearing somewhere. Not wheel. Makes noise in park.
Gas tank emptys quick. Leak doesnt seem to be from.a crack in rank. its leaking from the top of gas tank. Moist with fuel around all sides of gas tank. Car turns on but lags and seems to have to be cranked ...
I got into my car this morning, I put the key in and turned it to start the car but the engine didn't turn on but it made a clicking sound, the odometer and other needles went back and forth, and the dash symbols lit ...
the same codes came up + P0172 system to rich bank 1 please help me
I've changed all the coils,map sensor and air filter hoses light goes off every time but after a few miles comes back on again.
I have no symptoms of any kind.The car does not veer in one direction when braking or accelerating,braking is ok,no noise,vibrations or uneven tires wear. The mechanic advised me that when changing the engine oil he ...
MY bf bought the 1992 engine from a mechanic who swore it would fit. After calling around after comparing the components on both we were told they are not compatible. Is there something we are missing?
my engine when reaches 60mph, I hear a noise in the motor. my rpms stay at a 4. It its shifting at a high speed. The OD button when pushed wouldn't work.
sensor does it need replacing if the air bags were deployed?i own a 1996 LEXUS ES 300
i changed the gaskets and oil is still getting into the spark plug tubes can anyone tell me why
Ran fine going down the fwy until exiting, then very noisy and rough with no 3rd, lack of power, and engine light. 1 day later, no drive gear at all.