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Car struggles a bit to start after sitting over night. Jerks on acceleration at times. Just replaced mass air flow sensor. Was told I need to replace the down stream sensor and either right or left up stream sensor? A...
I put the car for Drive clean test and it came out "not ready" I was instructed to do a "drive cycle" to reset the car's computer.
The car will go into gears but get stuck on the third gear. I took it to the auto shop store and had then place it on a machine and they stated the E solenoid has to be replaced
1. When the car sits for hours at a time idling (cause of my work)the radio will cut out and then the battery is almost dead. I shut the car off and try to restart the car but the battery is dead. After jump starting ...
Just had heads sent to machine shop . Mechanics charged me 4000 dollars . Had to take back due to misfire and they told me it was two sets of ignition coils that needed to be replaced for 178dollars each . They said t...
The battery is good. All the fluids are good.As long as I am riding I am okay. once the car is in park it shut down. a jump is required in order to get started again for the next three days. Why Thanks
All recommended repairs are done, new tires, brakes, rotors, alignment, and other nits.
a tune up lights went off but drove it and lights came back on
I am suspecting maybe the struts are worn out. It happens when riding over rough road, or coming down over a speed hump.
We checked under the driver side carpet, remove the plastic cover on the side but there's nothing "removable" behind the plastic cover. Is it under the hood?
code 1349 ; had vvt system diag and no trbl found; check engine light and trac off comes on on goes off by itself; i want to change the vvt oil control valve and solenoid but im not sure where it is on the car.