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can not change gears i have to use a screw diver to change gears
transmission seem to slip randomly
Car shifts funny when first started then fine after a min or so I have changes mass air and o2 what is going on grrrr trac lights on and check engine light please help its making me crazy
my car is missing and these are the codes that come up. could u tell me what these codes stand for
When i start my car and go for drive, the over drive works.. but later when i slow down and get faster again, the over drive does not work, rpm goes up till 3000-4000 but the speed does not go up.. that means the tran...
It also jerks when I put it in gear, what causes this?
It was giving me a p1760 code and it is for a solenoid. I replaced the solenoid and ohmed out all the wires to it. All wires have the volts they are suppose to. It jerks hard when I go from park to reverse or drive an...
i did get gas at this lil country store do u think i got bad fuel
I have replaced the alternator, the battery, the battery cables, and it still goes dead after 3-4 days parked.
however i dnt knw if it has variable timing or not so i dnt know witch mounts to get
I had a allignment. Later my car started to where i have 2 turn it half way 2 the left r right 2 keep it going straight. Had another alighnment. Car started shacking. found out front two tires were ate up and needed t...
need new transmission U140e kennethhmltn@Yahoo.com
Got back from a 4 day trip last night, started my car and it made a quick weird squealish noise but ran normally as far as I know. Picked the kids up 3 miles away, drove a mile or so and noticed slight steam coming fr...