I already had front brakes replaced. Light hasn't been on then suddenly it came on

The ac light hasn't blinked any. This happened 1month ago.

the same codes came up + P0172 system to rich bank 1 please help me

I've changed all the coils,map sensor and air filter hoses light goes off every time but after a few miles comes back on again.

i changed the gaskets and oil is still getting into the spark plug tubes can anyone tell me why

Won't gear out of park

I am experiencing power loss after approximately 10 miles or so into driving, it comes and goes intermittently and feels almost like braking. Once this starts if I come to a stop the car idles roughly and has actually stalled unless I put it in neutral. From a dead stop acceleration feels sluggish. If I park the car for a short time and drive it feels fine, until about 10 miles of driving and then the symptoms resume. Any suggestions as to what could be the cause of this?