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Would a P0135 Code (O2 Sensor issue) have any thing to do with the engine's temperature?
While the car idles, the temperature gauge goes way up, to the point of indicating overheating although I have yet to see it overheat. As soon as I start driving, the gauge returns to the "middle/normal" range. Any id...
Memory on the electric car seat (driver side) no longer will program.
This has happened to me a few times now. After turning the ignition off for a short time I am unable to put the car in gear when restarting. The button on the side of the shift lever will not push in, as though a lo...
can i put a 1993 lexus trans in my 1997 lexus?
in my 1997 lexus es300 the brake light is on. ive tried putting brake fluid in and its still on. anyone know anything
how do i change the 2 drive belts on this car??
replace cabin air filter
check engine light on and traction light diagnoise test said open or short circuit condition, or poor electrical condition, or failed SSV DSL
my heater fan is stuck on low.is this a bad relay? how doi checkit?
My Lexus is overheating within 15 minutes of running the engine. I think the water pump is not working and needs to be replaced. The car has over 250,000 miles on it. Is the water pump easy to replace? Where can I...
Tried to start car this morning and would not start. There was a single click only. Pulled out starter, it tested good. Battery is a few months old, could it possibly be bad? Voltage was over 12 volts at starter termi...
sand and paint rear bumper, and paint front bumper