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Car will start but once put in gear will not accelerate. Also prior to car unable to accelerate, car would not start after driving long distance; after cooling off car would start but sputter while driving even lose s...
sensor does it need replacing if the air bags were deployed?i own a 1996 LEXUS ES 300
What would it cost to fix the leak in engine oil? Any kind of quick fix? I can't be spending more than thousand $ towards this repair as car value is less than that. Any advise would be appreciated.
It stop pulling as I made a turn but started back father cut car off for a min.
When started if over drive is on and ect power off also will shift right into gear n drive after ten min of driven slips or doon ss stoped want engage again
96 Lexus ES300 sometimes (especially when car left un-driven more than two days) get low idle speed (less than 100 rpm) at cold engine start, have to step on gas pedal slightly to keep it running. But a minute or so, ...
Well it took my car to auto zone and got a test for my check engine light been on for a while got some work done to it already but this check engine light is Killin me the paper from auto zone said this. Troublesh...
or shut off sometimes if i try to take off it cuts offbut if i stay below 60 it do fine.do anybody know the problem
When I took it in for last oil change, I was given a list by the shop of things that will need to fixed in the near future. 1. P/S reservoir, leaking, will monitor 2. rack and pinon leaking will monitor 3. L/F axel...
To the reservoir tank power steering still leaking out use after market power steering hose any suggestions
And the rack and pinion also the cap on the reservoir tank power steering fluid is still leaking used an after market power steering hose any suggestions