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My cruise control has Never worked. Ever all it does when I try to turn it on is blink like 5 times then nothing and I have to wait til I turn car back off then back on for it to ever do anything again. ? How do I fix...
Wondering if an engine from a 2001 Lexus ES 300 will work for a 94. Also, what year Camry's have engines compatible with a 94 Lexus ES300?
The battery is fully charged but there is nothing when I turn the key other than it pops the trunk
I have fully charged the battery but there is nothing when the key is turned. The lights also dim with power lose when I apply the brake. It started Yesterday when I backed out of the drive and went to put it in drive...
The oil lite was on and off again I was told I need another motor I'm not sure if there was oil there or not it cranks and only drive to end of driveway how can this be possible
can anyone tell me which wire is for the intake air temperature sensor if you can tell me the colour code of the wire or the wire number from the connector thanks
Fault code #22 Warning light circuit. Any ideas on how to get rid of this light?
works good for a while then it don't then it will again
35k miles. Hear knock near firewall @ idle w/trans in gear. Engine sounds fine in P and N. Don't feel loss of acceleration. Never driven hard. Loose flex plate bolts or torque converter?
Radiator fluid is spewing out of white plastic reserve tank (cracked). Is this busted water pump or t-stat or what?
We fallowed the hoses n can't find the water pump either
could it be the engine transmission sensor ????
engine shuts off after very short run time.will restart when it cools off.have code p-1300. been checking coil packs and wires, can only reach four of them.ignitor gets very hot in a short time.how can i confirm that ...