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up really high and will drag slowly before iy completely drops the gears
i happen afterb replacing a battery
It will not ingauge the starter I have full power just won't start
Do not know everything seems to run fine. Motor revs when turning at a stop and when first putting into reverse. Do you have any ideas where to start. Is it a vacuum leak?
will a 98 maxima transmission fix a 93 lexus es300
I woke up this morning to find my fuel door pried open and the fuel top unscrewed. How will I know if someone put something in my gas tank? I had a full tank of gas and someone told me I may have to wait until my fuel...
I want to know what it is if the reverse of Lexus 1993 ES300 dont work?? They told that it could be the linkage. And if it is how much could it be for those cars? And if is not what eles could it be and how much coul...
was working fine just went all dark. tryed to look for fuse cant find.
I took my car through inspection and they said the rear side marker light bulbs need to be replaced. I cannot find out where the hook up is for them. When I take the panel off inside the trunk there is no place to put...
What makes a lexus leak gas out of the exhaust pipe