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Check engine light is on, but it doesn't want to turn over or stay on.
I change the radiator out and replace it with a new one and ever sense then it lost power and started smelling like gas drinker alot of gas.
The car drove fine then started to dump fuel and thick white smoke came from tailpipe along with gas. It also seemed not to be getting any power. I change the injectors and the fuel regulator prior to looking online t...
wetting my exust pipe but i cant find leak where could it be coming from. thankyou
i lost my ignition and door lock key. can the dealer help or is a locksmith in my future?
how do i adjust the tps (throttle position sensor) on my 92 lexus es300 ?
after washing engine it misfires. replaced plugs, wires, rotor & cap. any suggestions?
The car is chugging and going about 20 mph. with a few sudden burst.
It runs just fine, but everytime I stop it stalls and I have to restart it. Does anyone know how to fix it?
when I open the door the lights went off, but now the parking lights remain on.
From a sudden stop to acceluration the vehicle moves forward. Then the vehicle engages with no problem, on the freeway the vehicle runs fine. What do you think is the problem, I know a transmission problem, but what s...
Where can I find the switch that controls the trunk light