Mercedes-Benz E350 4MATIC Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz E350 4MATIC The Differential May Develop Leaks From the Seals or Cover

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High mileage or older vehicles commonly develop leaks from the differential seals and/or cover. Our technicians recommend a complete reseal of the differential unit whenever these leaks are repaired.

Rear Differential failing. Very loud gridding noise from rear of the car while driving. -
Louder than normal rear end noise. At first thought it was tires. Mercedes dealer quoted me $ 3,200 plus tax to replace rear differential. Is this a common problem for Mercedes at this mileage point? My old Buick went 160k miles w no problems. -
Experiencing grinding noise from rear end. MB Dealership said it was the rear differential. They said it was strange at such low mileage. Waiting to hear if MB will assist with the cost/repair. Very frustrated!!! -
Repaired today. Bill was $600 for seals and a couple of service things -
In for repair now. -
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