A machanic that it's the wiring going to tranny.Where is this wire located.

In such case, when I press the switch on the steering wheel, I can hear the relay click in the fusebox. Does this mean the problem is the horn itself? Thanks to all.

RUFF ideal intake misfires

All of a sudden the car just stops running. It's like it's not getting any gas. No warning & no ryme or reason why. If I let it set it seems to get over it. Sometimes afew hours to afew days. Then it runs like a top. Then it stops running again. Shops have put their computers on it, but it shows no problems. Sometimes the engine dash light comes on & sometimes it don't.

Son hit curb right front now tire is bent in ward and loss of power steering. Took tire off could see see rotor bent but can't figure out about power steering.

intermittent, will loose power, buck, and stall, engine light comes on. Had tps changed, been to 2 different KIA DEALERS 3 times told bad gas, then told no problem, then told computer in LIMP MODE, what ???codes po170
p021 lean 449 did ecm upgrade no help

It starts on the rt side, moves to the center, then the left. The noise is constant.

trans axle feels like engage at all times and it jerk during forward and reverse

ESC off light continues to come on for no apparent reason. Whining noise just started and is annoying.

This is something new. I took it to the dealer yesterday and tey found nothing wrong; they replaced the brake fluid.Today it is still doing the same thing. Could the extreme cold temperatures be doing this to the brakes?

Yesterday I noticed the RPMs dipping very low, and I could press the gas peddle down to the floor but the vehicle would just coast, hop and eventually stall. It starts back up just fine. All electrics seem to be working. Took the vehicle into the mechanic. They verified the problem. Left it in the garage overnight the problem did not repeat during the day. I picked the car up in the evening and within half a block the problem re-occurred. Took back to the mechanic. Mechanic can verify it's happening again, but they are at a loss as to why. The ESC and ABS lights have been flashing on and off occasionally for about 2 weeks now. The Check Engine light has not been on.