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ESC off light continues to come on for no apparent reason. Whining noise just started and is annoying.
This is something new. I took it to the dealer yesterday and tey found nothing wrong; they replaced the brake fluid.Today it is still doing the same thing. Could the extreme cold temperatures be doing this to the br...
Yesterday I noticed the RPMs dipping very low, and I could press the gas peddle down to the floor but the vehicle would just coast, hop and eventually stall. It starts back up just fine. All electrics seem to be worki...
Had 2009 Kia Sportage fixed because ESC Off light on, cruise control inopperatable and rear lights out. Three years later the exact thing is happening and the dealer says the warranty of the recall repair is expired ...
Old engine block has a hole in it and is being removed.
Front end checked KIA said they could find nothing wrong Where do I go from here??
Hard start.mechanic did a cleanup of plugs and throttle body plus sensors MD worked fine two days later same story as per diagnostic its pointing to oxygen sensor wild that be a cause to hard start.
now that its raining the cabin is all humid and the floormats are all wet. i am trying to find out where the water is filtrating from.
The whirring sound starts as soon as you turn the engine on and continues while you drive. What would be the first thing to look at?
Vehicle drives the same but has background engine noise. It is a low whirring sound that is continuous with engine running.
Replace the water pump and thermostat. That's a giving.
want to know the issue behind my 2009 sportage v6 as why it keep storing and each time when it does it also flooded the engine. i had took to my dealer 3 times now but they can't seem to figure out what the problem a...