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I Don't Know How To Remove My Backseat.

cd player lights stay on after tuning off car battery drainsand cd player displays err2 cd s wont eject

Is there a quick fix to this problem or do i take it to a dealer?

Car wouldn't start we changed camshaft position sensor and crankshaft position sensor the car ran fine for about a mile or two then oil light came on and is running really rough HELP

when I turn on my heat my a/c light is always lit

when i turn my car heat on the a/c comes on

the car will not take more than $1.25 before it acts like it is full and pour out as if you overfilled it. This happened about 4 years ago and the dealership replaced the fuel tank. Now it is happening again. Is there anything to do short of replacing it again?

please help

changed fuel pump, no help

Negative cable gets hot, was running good, stopped to put gas and would just not start would turn over but would not start

the whole plastic assembly on the door side of drivers seat is hanging by wires. nobody seems to know what happened. before this the seat would not move back all of the way with no obstructions visible. what do i do

How do I fix this and will it drain my battery?

My sister has a 2013 KIA Sportage. One day as she was getting out of it, she took the key out of the ignition and got out, but it was still in D (drive)! Is this normal for KIA Sportage or any KIA's? My 2016 Camry won't let me take my key out unless it's off and in P (park)!

Parts shop gave me a battery that had positive and negative on the opposite side of my original battery. Killed my electrical system... horn sounded.

It works intermittently but with the wrong temp displayed

car is running warm, all fluids are full, when should fan turn on as after 10min of running it has not turned on

And the alarm will not turn off until it decides to. No service lights are on. Plus, it sounds like an alarm clock.

The light for OD off just came on and the button on the shifter for OD does nothing anymore. I cannot afford a shop right now. Could it be a fuse that I could change myself?

I have all the mechanic's manuals, but the tensioning seems so inconveniently located as to require removal of other stuff just to accomplish what should be basic maintenance. Surely there's a simple way to do this.

My kia carens car wont accelerate

My car vibrates very bad when i start it n runs poorly

stop for gas, never start

Lots of stop-and-go traffic driving

Is this covered by warranty?

When I open my gas cap it sounds like I've opened a bottle of soda, and when pumping gas it takes abput 5 gallons then the pump stops as if it is full. I've tried pushing past it, and it continues to happen over and over. The tank isn't even 1/2 full, even when the pump stops.

I have been told by one mechanic the car needs both gaskets replaced. Another mechanic says it only has one gasket. Who is right?

no pools under car when parked, but a small trail of oil when I pull into the driveway.

kia stalls oil guage goes off when echo light omes on then ihve to shut of motor and it stops stalling evrey month

Just thinking about future repairs.
Thanks Dennis

The a/c was rattling, smoking, belt apparently broke. Can it( belt) be replaced and is bypassing the AC an option for this car?