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Received this code today what does this mean.

Been in shop 6 wks now. How do you know if the used throttle body with 3 sensors is good or not.
Where is the closest certain Kia repair shop to Dyersburg Tn? Other than Kia in Jackson, Tn

My brake lights are on when I go out to go to work, and as I'm driving down the road the brake lights will come on and the car will begin to slow down as if I'm pressing the brake. It does it all the time and I'm not even touching the brake. We just replaced the battery and the little fuse contraption on the positive battery post. What could be causing this to happen?

need to move car how can i get it started? dont care if it damages anything !!

When I start the car and accelerate I have a loud noise from underneath close to the driver side. When I let off the gas pedal it goes down. The RPM's will go up to around 2k. When I put it in reverse it sometimes sounds like the car will die but never does. I looked underneath and the muffler looks ok but I'm not sure what else it could be.

battery and heard the starter squeal then stop. tried car again and just got clicking sound. what can i do

During winter, on cold days, wanted to warmup car, lock it, come back after 15 minutes and open car door with spare key.
Or lock car while recharging dead battery. My model will not allow doors to be locked while car is idling.
How do I bypass this issue?

My plug won't come out with the socket.
It misses every time I put gas in it then it straightens up in a few minutes.

Drive down road, oil light come on, pull over and check oil. oil was good and light went off. continue drive. about 10 mile down the road. Oil light came on again and before I could pull over, service engine light, along with battery light come on ,car die. do have power and will not turn over and all light still on. Code P011

All the time when we drive but louder at higher speeds.

I changed my thermostat recently and then the upper radiator hose. Then the lower one. After changing the lower hose the car overheated and check engine light came on. 7 codes 121,442,734,733,171,325,441, came up. Help!

The fuel pressure regulator and it's still not working it still misfiring

p0340 code...where is the cam sensor located?

power have been connect back still do not work door locks

yesterday 3/20/2017 my dash lights for battery and brake came on and stayed on. Starting off from a stop position noticed the car wanted to hesitate. Going down the road it would not shift into high gear. All of these symptoms started only yesterday when the brake and battery came on. Would the alternator being bad cause all these problems?? Thanks for any help at all yall can give.

Outside edge is worn.

The website for people to get reimbursed up to $4,900.00 for repairs to their 2003-2006 Kia Sorento as a result of the crankshaft bolt breaking and damaging their engine etc is

Drove the car and parked came out and it would not start, but pushed started it. So replaced the starter and it still won't start.

Slow loss of oil from around gasket

First I thought I had a flat but every time I turn or pit my feet on the pedal it gets louder

new timing belt but it keeps jumping

I have an 2004 kia sorento and when I started it will run for about 10-15 minutes and then the car just cuts off or if I'm on the highway and I'm going about 65 60 sometimes it acts like it wants to cut off but then while hitting the gas it will start itself back up I just replace the alternator and battery in a few weeks ago car runs fine it starts right back up after cutting off this will happen maybe once or twice while driving but if the car is just sitting it will cut off a few times if it's just sitting and idling no idea what it is does anybody know

Need to install flasher relay.

I picked my car up from a mechanic today. All was well.
I decided to replace two tires with new ones on the way home from the car repair shop. After the tires were replaced from NTB, my speedometer no longer moved from zero.

car is noisy inside it is mot tire noise had car to dealer they checked for leaks in exaust said everything was fine the problem is all the time

My car drives as long as my lights are not on. When my lights are on it went go into drive unless I keep turning the lights on and off.

the evap finally reset after 672 miles. I am at loss here! I did all of the drives cycles and I only need that one to reset so I can finally get it smogged.

replaced a new fuel pump and now it will not start , is there a cut off switch

Groaning sound started about 4000 miles ago.

was going to put new belt in. but found out it was a chain. no youtube video on this engine 2.0L L4 dohc-16V. how long will this chain last?