It just started doing this last night

I have a electrical problem, i don't know if there are wires touching or lights left on, can you tell me how can i fix the problem?

the starter also engages when moving the shifter from drive to park

You can push on the gas pedal & RPM's will not rise. With your foot on the gas pedal - the engine will not rev up. right foot on the gas & hit the brake pedal with left foot, the RPM's go up like it suppose to.

I can be at a stop and the engine will raise up and my Kia will try to go while my feet is on the brakes.

Had a new starter put in but it still does it. Sometimes when the car is just idling. Also my lights used to go out on there own when I shut the car off but now they sometimes stay on so it must be electrical. Has anyone had this problem?

I have the brake lights, tpms lights on, check engine lights all of which flash, shut off and then flash again. breaks are only 6 months old, tires are new and now the transmission is acting up. goes from not shifting to fourth in automatic to losing first and fourth gear in manual. i am thinking that it could be a confuion on the part of the computer but not sure. after reading all of the other people reporting imilar issues but not all of the lights i am unsure as how to proceed. i dont have 2000 for a new trans. is that my only option?

2008 Kia Sportage vs 2011 Kia Sportage
2011 is AWD 111,000miles 4 Cycle engine
2008 is 4WD 55,000 miles V6 engine

Price is about the same. I am not good with cars and this is going to be my first car. I want a car that won't break down for next 5-7years. That is my TOP priority. I will probably drive 8,000~10,000 miles/yr. My price range is about $10,000. What is the better choice? And Kia Sportage is reliable, right?

could not find plug anywhere under.

then once it is started it will continue to try to start making a grinding noise

I bought brand new tires, but didn't make a difference. Is it because the car is light?

Please explain in detail where i should put/place the tools or objects so i can open it manually.
Thank You :D