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Ive had both o2 sensors replaced, and been through emissions 3 times.
Automatic Diesel Egn:D4EA7H282382; Vin:KNAJE551877389092
Automatic Diesel engine D4EA7H282382 Vin/Chasis KNAE551877389092
Car already is started and it will do this intermittently, it will activate starter when switching gears.
The fob for the lock/unlock(dealer installed) hasn't worked in years. I lock/unlock the doors manually. I can't get the clicking to stop whether the car is running or not. Sometimes if I put the window down to the ...
I put new plugs,air filter and changed the oil and a front manifold but still starts rough. this only seems to happen when the engine is cold
had engine light checked at three places all said it was the camshaft intake sensor overadvanced checking to see how much to fix hopefully cheaper at kia diagnostic code is p0011
My check engine light came on and the code P0700 from the ECM.
It isn't hard to shift - but it's definitely making a noise...is that the master or slave cylinder - or the actual clutch?
trying to figure out if one of the oxygen sensors are bad..?
Where is the Freon charge port?