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The system looks normal. But the engine did not start. signs of battery, engine oil pressure and start key are shown on the dash board. The radio and time are also working.R
Check engine light is on and it shakes when im at a stop sign..engine is jumpie
At first it happened once in a while....now it always does. It feels like a catapult.
The car test drove wonderful. Made payment drove approximately one mile stopped,fueled up. Upon starting motor didn't want to keep running. I forced it fuel to make it run, at that moment it felt the trans was slippin...
My car stopped running while I was driving it. I am able to crank it but it wont turn over. I removed the timing belt cover and it looks like the belt is very loose. Can I just replace the belt or is there internal...
has regular oil and filter changes and proper oil used. Stored inside winters. just started doing the clicking/tapping sound about 4 weeks ago. parked vehicle and have started it up to see if it stopped but it hasnt. ...
but comes on when sw on dome panel is pushed
I have a mobility lift attatched to rear of my KIA sportage. Because of the weight it causes the vehicle to sit low in the rear. What can I have done to make the vehicle ride correctly?