2005 Kia Sportage Questions

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How should I fix the problem and why would it stay in third and then stop moving and the parts store put the computer on it and it said the tcm ( transmission control moduel) was doing it

Pricing for the part and labor and what are signs that its failing cuz my engine light came on and one of the codes reads po750

error cods show cylender 1.3.5 miss fire and fule trim mulfaunction

Also is downshifting extremely hard

Its worst coming off a dead stop or on a straight way vs when I'm turning

Whenever I drive for more than 3 hours or driving on top roads or in the hot period of the daylight, I try to press the gas paddle to get accelerate but the acceleration reach 3000 rpm and idle " no push power"....

I have been told I need to replace the entire seat cushion to replace my passenger side occupant position detection sensor. Is this true, or can I just replace the sensor?
They are saying I need part # 882001F5011BK, but I have also been told I might only need part # 959302E000.

My Kia Sportage rear window wiper will not move. It is stuck in a upright position. My rear window defroster work so it has power to that area