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started with the speedometer and tac not working ..went to put in 4x4 when you pull out it stays in high gear what's my problem
geting good fuel pressure checked it at the fuel filter,don't know from there ,what will stop fuel from there ,any answers or clues would be a lot of help thank you
lost power going up hills.. Changed ful pump ran good then all the gauges stopped working including speed ometer and tac .getting good fuel pressure past the fuel filter ...spray starting fluid and it cranks and runs ...
It started awhile back. My break lights work. I have to keep my emergency lights on while i drive at dark so no one hits me from behind.
The diagnostic code are p1115 and also p1624.
sportage just died, sprayed starting fuield but no luck. checked all fueses under hood and inside all good. pulled fuel line off at filter and when cracking fuel shoots out. checked coils with meter and screw driver a...
Fuel pump relay and fuses are good engine runs if I prime it with spray but fuel pump not getting power
It usually happens while I'm accelerating. Sometimes when the doors are locked, they will just unlock. But when I'm driving, it just constantly clicks like it's locking and unlocking itself
I am replacing the fuel pump on my 2001 kia sportage ex 2.0L DOHC...I need to see the wiring diagram and need to specifically about how to bleed the fuel rail...any tipsyou have will be greatly appreciated...thank you
I found out it has a bad tank and lines how do I go about getting this repaired?
My sportage is in great shape and I want to keep it but need to find a reasonable price for hardtop. So far, I found comparable canvas top for apprx $350 and hardtop for $800. Any suggestions?
I bought this truck privately off kijiji. Now after a week of driving the steering is stiff in two spots. I've been told I need to change my intermediate steering shaft, repack my wheel bearings, and replace the idler...