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also do I need a filter for the transmission? If so which one?
put windows down, when I go to close them they do not respond, no matter how many times I try nothing. and at same time windows not working, and car door locks will all of the sudden LOCK! never know when all this ...
Just changed plugs, boots, and the oil. Vehicle did this before this. JJust bought it from a private owner. It may be the trottle position switch.
car sat for a year.then ran fine for two months.all at once will not turn over.lights dim when key is turned but no noise is heard from starter solenoid.checked starter,its ok.checked battery,seems ok.changed battery ...
checked damper seems to be working changed thermostat blew out heater core with air blows cool not hot
same case when a/c is on where can i start looking for problemS
the car is running but when a/c is on the engine dies
the mechanic says the alternator is ok why my new battery always drain of power is relay or fuse? i just dont know where to start trouble shooting the problem pls. help me with this one thanks!
its starts fine but when i put it into drive it shutters then dies its starts up again with no problem can u please tell me if its the gearbox
I changed the coil & the plug broke what side of the coil does the blue wire hook to?
I haven't driven my car in two weeks. When I come to start it up, It turns on but after 10 seconds it cuts off. I notice my dash board lights flicker and my car makes a growling noise as try to get my engine to start...