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I brought the car and was told that the Caterlatic Converter was colloged up I clean it out and it still miss firing.
I put new TPS on it.it has been seating for 4 years engine lite was on I put ODB code on it. it came up throttle system problem
I have a 1998 Kia it ran hot me me almost a week ago and now when i start to crank it it wont start. it sounds like it wants to but it wont. I put gas in it and the oil is good and so is the plugs. what do i do??
When you stop at a stop sign it just about quotes. Then when you go to start out it has no power. Sometimes it will stall and you have to put the gas pedal to the floor to get it to start.
Every couple of years , after they broke once ! Replaced them 4 times now .
brand new water pump,new thermostat,new timming belt, new radiator cap,new temp sensor. when i turn on the heather the temp goes down a little
Blown tire on front driver side, torn off some wire under the front wheel well. repace the tire and reconnect the wires. It won't start. Tried jump start and it still won't start. what do I need to check next?
I dont' get an answer from KIA....how do I do that
Took to Kia and after charging me over $200.00 the same thing has been happening. They told me it was my gas cap not tighten. the engine goes real fast and I have to break to slow down
driving along then just died try to restart and did nothing but turn over. check engine has been on went to auto zone had a dianostic done on it they said crank sencor,mass air flow and o2 sencor was bad.could any of ...
this thing will start and run fine but will not shut down with key i've changed the ignition switch and even with the computer disconnected it still has power to dash light like the key is in the on position??????????...