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Oil control valve
I was told that only a kia factory windshield can be used in the 2011 sorrento in order to not have the defrost grid burn up. Has anyone else ever heard of this?
My drivers door will not open using the keyless entry or the key? Any ideas of what this could possibly be the cause?
after about 10 minutes of driving the electronics comes on and is functional.
When I turn it on to blow out of the front vents or the floor vents it sounds like the fan blades are chattering or clicking. The chattering stops after a couple minutes, or until I get up to around 25mph -(that could...
Sounds like a dragging noise, yet the brakes dont seem to be dragging. It has 100k kms. It happens all the time when starting out and is worse around corners.
passenger motor mount, alternator, ac pump, and iddler pully.
My car was locked this am even though smart key was in the car and now all lights (exterior and interior) flash and will only stop when I turn on the headlights and I need to replace a fuse or what?