Wants to die when I'm at a light. It has been shaking maybe once a day for a week and today was the first time it did it and shut off

My headlights have been needing replaced about every 6 months. Usually one side burns out, 3 mo later the other side, then 3 mo later back to the first one. I even tried replacing both with the expensive bulbs but that has made no difference.

My owners manual advises against letting children properly restrained in a carseat ride in the third row. Why?

Does it depend on the manufacturer and or the weather conditions in my city?

I go through a full set of brakes at least once every three months.

When the lights are turned on even in the first position the lights and radio also the indicator lights for the air controls go out. The front driver side head light and tail light are burnt out could that be a cause or side effect from a electronic short somewhere?

2.5 turbo diesel

the brakes work just spongy espesially in the morning. have to pump slightly to get pressure

I have axil out. Removed inner snap ring. I don't know were it seperate or which way bearing is removed

The truck won't turn over

Just replaced the alternator because the batt light and brake light were flickering. The car died on my wife yesterday. Put a new batt in and we were able to drive it home. It still has the flickering batt light and brake light. Any ideas would be helpful or a check list to check

V6 Ka sorento

that is not the kia original they said that would be 1,600 not including tax , 1,400 not including the tax, firestone said they have to replace the whole thing rack and pinion? is this a fair price ? they said they saw leaking on my car, I have never seen any leaking xcept water from air conditioner

The crusie does not work it will work for about 60 miles and than it quits

temperature sensor has been changed as well as fans, found relays that does not go with this auto stated by Kia part online store.

All the time

oil is down 2qts and oil cap smells burnt

did this once before someone reset anti-theft how do you do h=this

My dad said the compressor isn't kicking on, what could be wrong and would that be a expensive fix?

this has happened twice once while the car was running (March) and today when the car turned off. Also noticed that the gears symbol was not in the odometer panel: D, P, R

ABS, Downhill parking and Traction control lights all came on at same time last week. Seems like an issue that was finally put on recall for 2011 Sorento's. Anyone else have/had this issue?

What do you do to fix this without spending alot of money and how?

my kia sorento 2008 overheats when im at a stop light but when i press on the gas pedal it stops smoking and also when i lift up the hood i notice clumpy brown stuff all inside the engine and dripping from up under the car. i put water to see if that was it but it was not I put some anti freeze in it to see if that could have been it because i did not have any but that was not it. What could this possibly be

What would cause a motor to leak oil bad when it not the rear main seal 2011 Kia Sorento v6 3.5

Vin# KNDJC733X65574515

Compressor not running

won't go over 15 miles per hur

I just bought this rig and the previous owners said it needed a neutral safety switch but when I climbed under it i see that one of the o2 sensor wires were cut in two and there was two red wires that had been chewed apart that came from over the top of the transmission that were (from what I could tell) was leading to a little plug type deal on the side of the trans. If anyone could help out it would be much appreciated

Had a Auto Zone plug into my car. It showed that something is wrong with the manifold blower or something like that. That's why I asked if there was any recalls on it.

it may start and run for two to three days and then will not start at all for about three or four days. what could be my problem?