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p0340 code...where is the cam sensor located?

The website for people to get reimbursed up to $4,900.00 for repairs to their 2003-2006 Kia Sorento as a result of the crankshaft bolt breaking and damaging their engine etc is

First I thought I had a flat but every time I turn or pit my feet on the pedal it gets louder

new timing belt but it keeps jumping

I have an 2004 kia sorento and when I started it will run for about 10-15 minutes and then the car just cuts off or if I'm on the highway and I'm going about 65 60 sometimes it acts like it wants to cut off but then while hitting the gas it will start itself back up I just replace the alternator and battery in a few weeks ago car runs fine it starts right back up after cutting off this will happen maybe once or twice while driving but if the car is just sitting it will cut off a few times if it's just sitting and idling no idea what it is does anybody know

car is noisy inside it is mot tire noise had car to dealer they checked for leaks in exaust said everything was fine the problem is all the time

KIA SORENTO LX not sure of the engine size. Started making soft whining noise occasionally now advanced to constant and louder. When you start it that whining noise starts doesn't matter if A/C or Heat is on or not. Gotten very loud. Afraid to take it, Cost is probably going to Astronomical.

The rpm will intermittently increase when up shifting, acting like it is in neutral, before going into gear. The check engine light (or any other error light) does not come on. This happens when it is cold and sometimes under acceleration. Is this a TCM problem or does the transmission need to be replaced?

I did help someone jump start there car and then a week later I was jumping my car,it no longer needs to be jumped but it hesitates to start please help I need my car to pass smog

what gaskets and or sealents are needed to prevent leaks

Why want my kia take gas fast? You have to work the nozzle slow if you don't it will splash back out.

The wife's car , she can't find anything in manual about this

This problem only happens some of the time. Also their are no warning indicator lights coming on to tell me something is going on.It runs just fine except for this issue.
They ran a diagnostic check at the dealership and found nothing wrong.

I have been asked to change the throttle. Are they related and can it affect the gears?

Drivers seat will move forward but not backwards

My bolt for balancer broke inside crankshaft. Cant drill out so have to change crankshaft.

repairing a broken off crankshaft pulley bolt

put a new battery in and a throttle actuator control. but lights still come on.

Most of the time , it drives just fine. Sometimes it grinds when shifting into Park. Key is also difficult to turn and take out. After power failure, if you turn car off, then back on, it works OK again.

Theres a little winding noise has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it?

My display lights are out and I cannot turn on the heat or air.

While I was taking my daughter to school both my low beams went out. I used hi beams until vehicles were coming at me and then no lights at all till they passed. I also noticed my backup camera stopped working that day. I've been told it could be a relay and not the bulbs. I called the dealership (not Kia) that I bought it from and was told they don't do electrical repairs. So I guess I need to find a Kia repair shop. Any idea what the problem might be?

Once or twice in a month, took it to dealer they told me that they didn't find any codes

new timing belt cam and crank sensor after it stopped running not before
strange cruise control light flashes very fast and check for rpm with scanner it loses communication after a few revolutions of crank also 4x4 lite will blink not sure if related

When I pull up somewhere, and get out of car, shut the door. Then I lock the doors with remote, return to get in the door handle opens but the door itself will not open.


The brakes on the left front wheel locks up, causing it to get really hot and smoking. We have recently bought new tires and had brake pads, rotors, caliper and brake line unit replaced. It happened again and the mechanic said they found a module that had to be reset. Brought it home, drove it about 70 miles and it locked up again.. It suddenly locks up and overheats before we can get off the street to a point that it melts brand new ceramic brake pads. The shop talked with the Kia shop and no one seems to know how to fix it. Any ideas, has anyone else had this problem?

I don't believe it ever worked the cruise indicator light comes on but it won't go in to cruise control

Even with a cool engine, the fan continues to run. I had to remove the fuse to shut it off.

Wants to die when I'm at a light. It has been shaking maybe once a day for a week and today was the first time it did it and shut off

My headlights have been needing replaced about every 6 months. Usually one side burns out, 3 mo later the other side, then 3 mo later back to the first one. I even tried replacing both with the expensive bulbs but that has made no difference.