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Sorry that was a 2009 Kia Sorento I had the wrong year on my 1st post
Kia replaced my transmission several weeks ago. Vehicle has a hard down shift at 20 mph when the air conditioner is on. It doesn't seem to do it when the air is off. If you coast to a stop it doesn't seem to do it as ...
so after it was jumped it spattered the whole way home, the more I accelerated, the worse it got, as soon as I turned off the engine it wouldn't start, not a peep. do i have a clog in the fuel line? how to fix?
Trying to determine how to best replace the AC clutch.
oil leaks constantly, leaving a trail, is there a product that can slow leak?
the car just died on the highway the other day I was stoped at a light then when I hit the gas it acted like it was in nutueral so I put into park then drive it it moved , but just before it completd shut down the oi...
the car just started sputtering and stopped. Unable to drive. Could it be the catalytic convertor???
After over a year fighting with Kia they will not do anything about the noise on my vehicle. They say its normal and every repair shop I take it to says if its making a noise, there is a defect. Should not make a nois...
I have a kia 2009 SUV 2.5L DIESEL the main problem is the reverse gear is not pulling when engaged but when i put on DRIVE its driving without problems.what could be the answer to this?
Where is the oil filter on the 09 Kia Sorento LX