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While driving at various speeds engine for a second or two hesitates than stops and works fine and a few days later or hours will do it again. What is the cause as I do not want to get stranded.
how to get bearings out to put new in?
the online car manual does not have the same knobs that my sorento has...its a 4x2 auto with the "snow" setting..im not sure if it locks the axl or acts like a AWD setting..i cant find this answer anywhere
After having my 2006 sorento repaired from a head on collision, my ac compressor ceases to turn on when pushing the ac button. I've checked all fuses and relays and find no faults. Is there a plug that might have been...
My dealership put 3 new drive belts on my car in Oct, 2010. They said the old ones were showing wear and could leave me sitting. When the cold set in this winter, I started noticing a loud screeching sound every tim...
I bought A 2006 KIA sorento it is grate. my chick engine light came on ,tell me where to take it .thank you
About how much does it cost to replace a blown head gasket? I'm being told it costs over $1000. Thank you for your time.
gas light keep coming on even with a full tank of gas
looking for help in changing the differential fluid and fuel filter.
the car will hit but not start and is putting out over 90 lds of pressure from the fuel pump, it had to have a timing chain and water pump and ran for a while after that and now it will not start help!!!
when replacing right front brake rotor, does both left and right side rotor has to be replace at the same time?? I can see the right brake rotor is worn but i don't see it on the left.
I have a 2006 Kia Sorento. The driver side view mirror got cracked in a minor accident. Only the mirror got cracked, but the entire casing is still in-tack. Do I need to replace the whole casing or can I just replace ...
does the 06 kia sorento have a timing belt or a chain.
my dome light does not come on when doors are open