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I'm getting them replaced but now my low beams aren't even coming on. After reading the forum I see I'm not alone with the headlight problem. Needs to be recalled
had JUST had tune-up done--next day, #'s 1 & 4 ignition coils go bad. Had that fixed now the car will run for 10min then shutdown and will not start. The engine will turnover but no start. But it will start after s...
At what mileage should the timing belt be replaced?
I replaced the thermostat, but that did not help at all.
Put it on computer, says there is nothing wrong. Still not starting, intermittently.
The rear wiper keeps going even when the switch is turned off. What do I need to replace?
a/c was doing fine until wife turned on defroster, since then a/c has not been great. also the levels are good on freon
I heard it's tricky & don't want to trash the engine. I'm great with cars, but no experience with a Kia
i think the engine somehow got locked because i already take it out and check everything and nothing seems to be helpfull
car stars but does not remain running when not moving
Are the crankshaft bolts in 2006 Sorentos defective? My car has only done 49,000kms and is serviced by the agent every 5,000kms. The Crankshaft bolt snapped or sheared off and caused major damage. Luckily I was not...
How much to purchase and install an alternator belt on a 2006 kia sorento?
While driving at various speeds engine for a second or two hesitates than stops and works fine and a few days later or hours will do it again. What is the cause as I do not want to get stranded.