what gaskets and or sealents are needed to prevent leaks

Drivers seat will move forward but not backwards

My bolt for balancer broke inside crankshaft. Cant drill out so have to change crankshaft.

I have axil out. Removed inner snap ring. I don't know were it seperate or which way bearing is removed

The truck won't turn over

Replaced throttle positioning sensor, crankshaft sensor, still getting all kinds of codes and check engine light still coming on, any suggestions

For some time now my kia sorento 2004 has stopped starting and after sitting a couple of days it starts again. This has happen numerous times on many occasions; sometime month after month . It starts fine with no problem and later in the day it wont start. Recently about 3 weeks ago or less ago I was on I-20 and I heard the engine do something I raced of the highway and as I got to the end the car shut off, it hasn't started since. It turns over but won't start. Can you help me.
Thanks in advance for your time.

Should I play it safe and get compressor and clutch? Tested high with gauges. Freon completely empty.

After it revs high for a few seconds it regulates out and is fine, it's only on start up that it does this. What else could be my problem code, I don't want to spend a fortune at a garage but don't know what's next on list to replace to solve the issue. Any ideas would def help

Have a new power stering pump and now they say pulleys need replaced

Mechanic replaced powers erring pump and then said the pulleys needed replaced