Why want my kia take gas fast? You have to work the nozzle slow if you don't it will splash back out.

new timing belt cam and crank sensor after it stopped running not before
strange cruise control light flashes very fast and check for rpm with scanner it loses communication after a few revolutions of crank also 4x4 lite will blink not sure if related

I don't believe it ever worked the cruise indicator light comes on but it won't go in to cruise control

What do you do to fix this without spending alot of money and how?

I just bought this rig and the previous owners said it needed a neutral safety switch but when I climbed under it i see that one of the o2 sensor wires were cut in two and there was two red wires that had been chewed apart that came from over the top of the transmission that were (from what I could tell) was leading to a little plug type deal on the side of the trans. If anyone could help out it would be much appreciated

The car cranks but the noise is still there. I was driving about 35 mph and all of a sudden this noise happened. I immediately parked the car. What should be checked first?

Drove my kia 03 to moms house ran great. after 30 min was running to the store it started but then shut off. tried to restart it turns over but wont start. checked the plugs have spark change fuel pump. kia stared ran great drove around. parked it now it will not start. clean mass air flow sensor still nothing. any suggestions.

I drive around with anxiety wondering when its going to happen again. The part will fly off into the road and i loose all power, steering and only have enough power to maybe get home. ..

What's the codes P0443,P0700,P0122,P1121, stand for when the check engine lights on after the machine is hooked up to it trying to figure out what's wrong with the vehicle

It is coming thru gas pump, but nothing to engine

brake pedal switch is good. But I still have no electrical power going to the brake light receptacle. Can anyone help me? Thanks

also noticed timming belt tensioner was bad. replaced tensioner, belt, pulleys and STILL no change. Runs great when it runs, but will die intermitently. try to restart and it misss-fires, tries to run backwords and stuff. What else is involved sending spark to the PROPER cylinder? some modual?

I drove today 100 degree weather drove 30 mins my wheel got hard and say brake and batt. Light on. So i turned ac off and was fine drove 5 more mins i parked turned ac on and lights came on again so i turned ac off again. I wanted to drive but lights came back on and wheel became stiff and not drivable been an hour parked in shade for an hour turned on the car but lights still show up for brake and batt. Please help husband will try to kill me today