Alternated, battery, powersteering hose, spark plugs, spark plug wires, the engine runs fine

It happens all the time

where is it?

When the pedal is depressed to the floor, it shifts beautifully but the pedal gets stuck at the floor or a couple inches from the floor. This is recent. A few days before this started, the pedal would stay down then all of a sudden pop up into proper position after a few seconds

I have to use the emergency brake to keep it from rolling in perk.

I have to use the emergency brake to keep it from rolling.

My cars heat will come on for about 2 minutes then shut off again, and will repeat the process, but most of the time it will stay off, any idea what the problem could be?

Lately my clutch has been sticking, only coming back out half way after shifting, and I have to manually pull it back out myself. My dad seems to think its my master cylinder, or it could be my clutch fluid is low. So two questions, does the diagnosis sound right, and how do I check clutch fluid, when looking at the engine I don't see where the fill spot is.

What should I look at next in order to fix the car to get it to start????

I have never done this before