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My kia carens car wont accelerate

no pools under car when parked, but a small trail of oil when I pull into the driveway.

My plug won't come out with the socket.
It misses every time I put gas in it then it straightens up in a few minutes.

Drove the car and parked came out and it would not start, but pushed started it. So replaced the starter and it still won't start.

The lever to open my turnk in the car wont work is there an easy way to fix it?

MY battery keeps dying but the light that comes on when the door is open does not work.

My car keeps getting rained in...

When I am driving around town, it's not too bad, but when I get on the highway, the steering wheel shakes back and forth a lot. My tires look ok.

I don't run the fan much, mostly when it's hot out and I am using the AC. When I do blast the fan, the air coming into the car smells moldy. Is something broken?

I want to know what the code P1614 means for a 2000 Kia Sephia and how much it will cost to get the repairs done?

Everytime I try n start it it does this it didn't start doing it until my radiator went out n the car got a lil hot everytime I start it it acts sluggish n backfires a lil bit not very bad but it does it

I'm trying to do an oil change but I can't find the plug or filter

Alternated, battery, powersteering hose, spark plugs, spark plug wires, the engine runs fine

Can't get thru DE inspection all new parts I did the repairs

All new brakes an new wheel cylinder on RT rear new self adjuster . took thru inspection an RT rear is the only wheel that is not working right any answers PLEASE HELP. I'M DISABLED AND ON FIXED INCOME

It happens all the time

where is it?

When the pedal is depressed to the floor, it shifts beautifully but the pedal gets stuck at the floor or a couple inches from the floor. This is recent. A few days before this started, the pedal would stay down then all of a sudden pop up into proper position after a few seconds

We cant find the ac port either does this car have ac ? Where is the ac port located someone please help



Vehicle just lost power while driving.

I got on the freeway just fine yesterday, then sometime when going 50-55mph through construction, and (trying to) speed back up to 80, it started shaking as if my tires were out of balance. So after I finally got back to town I got my tires balanced and rotated, but I still have that shaking. Help? it's my only way to commute to school and back everyday.