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plz i cant scan kia sephia 1996,1995 and avanti 1995,1996 via launch despite the diagnostic tool support avanti and sephia but it can't read car the Ecu plz help me
I got it used, I changed the sparkplugs, I put in new rotor, distributor cap and wires. I took the old wones out but I forgot to write down where each one was supposed to go on the distributor cap. I that why it's not...
car just quit running. Pulled distributor cap and rotor is not turning. Do I have to replace the distributor? How hard is it to do?
How do you release the tension on the power steering a/c unit? What bolts need to be loosened? And where are they located because I couldnt find them?
how to replace the airconditioning pump and power steering belt on a 1.6 1996 kia sephia LS
I have a 96 kia sephia ls that is killing mt alternator.I have replaced the battery the alternator everything except the computer...Could that be the problem?
I have a problem with my car Kia Sephia 96 automatic transmission When you drive The car alone Pumping gasoline Examined on the computer and did not show the problem
My car wont start. It has been sitting for 2 years but I have changed the plugs battery it ran when I parked it has gas NEW gas and oil