There has been a couple occasions where my car will make a screeching noise and sounds like I hit something when changing my gear from reverse to drive. I experimented last time it happened; when changing the gear (didn't drive my car) from park to drive it made a noise that sounded like my car was dropping (big thud) and when i put it in park it would shoot forward and then bounce back. I noticed where my car normally says the gear that it is in wasn't on both time this has happened.0, but when I op turn my car off and back on it works again as if nothing is wrong.

My seatbelts driver and passenger, not working properly, why car is only 2 yeara old. Is adjustment or repair under 7 year extended warranty. My old Pontiac Sunfire did not have this problem, until after 12 years or more, whats up. Thank You N.M.

My car has these symptoms: TSB-eng131 may 13 engine controls - knock/ping on moderate to heavy accel.

just finish servicing at the service center but no one month i expierience it again !!! can somebody help me!?

compressor don't work no positive no compressor

It was in an accident