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All the time when we drive but louder at higher speeds.

Need to install flasher relay.

All icons shows up when key is inserted in the ignition switch, but failed to start-up when switched-on with clutch pressed.

The purge valve on a 2010 Kia Rio located

where do you put the spark o plugs on a kia rio? does it goes on the front side or on the top, or it goes on the back side?

Car will run good i u give it gas slowly but rapid give it gas motor shakes and misses when u ride it if you go down on the pedal in 4th 5th when rpms are lower. starts good, idels good please help

Check engine light flashes and when hitting gas and moving car it acts sluggish like it is loosing power. Once I am going it goes away. Light stays on. But it stutters taking off when I have to hit the gas.

Every now and again the dash shuts down

my car is kia picanto

My son in law replaced the starter on his kia and now the headlights and wipers won't work.

Have replaced the coil on all plugs within last 20,000 miles. This was happening before coil replacement. Any ideas?

is there a ignition module and a fuel injector for each of the 4 cylinders in my 2007 Kia Rio L4-1.6L

It's showed #4 cylinder miss fire,I have, replaced,mass,air flow and throttlet position ,sensor

The tentioner after replacing the belts

On average, how many miles do these cars generally have on them before they die?

Sometimes the air will stop working for a few seconds and then start again. What would cause that?

The back passenger side window won't close all the way and I can hear air getting in while I'm driving. What would cause this?

The car has almost 200000 miles on it and every once in a while, the air will stop blowing for a few seconds and then come back on.

The rev is going up and down,its not idling smoothly.

it will off and want some time before it start again when i am using ac, very hot engine with steem coming out.

I am interested in buying a 2006 Rio but it lost 4th gear. I want to be able to do highway driving. Can I fix it or do i get a new transmission?

The trunk leaks when it rains. I need to know if it can be repaired and what should I expect to spend.

I am replacing them every other month at least 2 of them

Air is not blowing cool

Air is not blowing cold

I took it to the kia dealership and they are certain its the fuel injectors. However, I do not want to pay an arm and leg for them to change it. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

Problem started a year ago. We couldn't find a repair manual for a 2010 Kia Rio. So we started to try to fix one thing after another. Then we got it to run ok but then the dash lights flash on and off intermittently and now it wont start it seems to be draining battery.

If so, how does it come out. Tried it and can't figure out how the dash comes out

And I accelerate and it stops

The button on gearshift doesn't seem to work, and it won't go higher than 3rd gear. 140,000miles. When problem first started it would come and go, but now seems to be permanent.