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Feels like my emergency brake is on after stopping, but it is the transmission on my automatic. Usually happens after the engine is warm after about 20 miles or less.
car was workin fine i dont know what is the problem .. just like that i tried startin it this mornin an nothin i realize that the dash stop workin .. dont know if if its sum main fuse , i checked all the smaller ones ...
While sitting at a red light my rio shut off. When I restarted the engine the tach. Stopped working and the shift up and shift down lights are continually flashing. The only time the lights stop blinking is when the e...
Did this before and was gas cap. checked that and not problem. TPMS light was on yesterday. checked tire pressure and ok
seems to be running fine but the lights stay on
what kind of fluid to put in the transmission? is it red?
fuel pump sensor is out and im told you have to replace the whole module
my car is cherry qq3 2010 model hatchback,at the same time my battery was discharge when i return from vacation,is it safe to use it without the gauges
The brakes will squeal and grab the first few times you stop and than it's good until it sets for awhile. It does it everytime.