Check engine light flashes and when hitting gas and moving car it acts sluggish like it is loosing power. Once I am going it goes away. Light stays on. But it stutters taking off when I have to hit the gas.

My son in law replaced the starter on his kia and now the headlights and wipers won't work.

is there a ignition module and a fuel injector for each of the 4 cylinders in my 2007 Kia Rio L4-1.6L

On average, how many miles do these cars generally have on them before they die?

Sometimes the air will stop working for a few seconds and then start again. What would cause that?

The back passenger side window won't close all the way and I can hear air getting in while I'm driving. What would cause this?

The car has almost 200000 miles on it and every once in a while, the air will stop blowing for a few seconds and then come back on.

If you are standing in front of the car which one is number one

Just started doing that today. I also am due for an
oil change which will b getting2morro,just want to make sure
I can drive myself there:) also just added 1quart of oil
as it was low

Before replacing the blower, the air conditioner would sputter on and off and would only work at its fullest on the highway. Then it went out completely. My dad changed the blower and it started working. Now the ac has stopped again and the car has stopped twice while idle at a stop light and then the battery light flashes. Is the ac draining my battery? My battery is fairly new so I just don't know. Is it something else like the compressor or clutch? I am dreading the repair costs. Please help in any advice you can offer regarding this issue. thanks

We stopped at a store and then the car wouldn't start. We went and bought and tried a new battery and put more gas in (it was running low at the time). And still nothing. The car has power. Lights are on, radio, fan, windows work. Just won't start. There is no turning over at all. Any ideas???