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I was told it would cost $800-900 to replace.I can't afford that. Can you help me would it be better to buy the part then take it to my mechanic, if so what sites are good to purchase from or what auto store to go to...
Was told I need a new a/c compressor, it started out that my a/c plowing warm air, making a sound from the a/c. Had my mechanic figured it just needed freon, but then soon after it went warm again, mechanic look into ...
I'll start and drive my car for a couple miles and then the car will shut off like I have just turned it off. Has anyone else encountered this issue and know how to fix it? I have checked and cleaned the connections f...
i talked to advance auto they say they are bolted,i called a kia dealer and tthey said they were pressed,whos right?
Ran OK when wife drove to work,next day just cranks over but won't start
sometimes engage but w/o power and other times does not engage at all, i have change the filter and iol on the transmision
I was told maybe the water pump, I checked the belt and it was fine I have all lights and everything just wont start
Car runs bad at first start up misses wont drive over 20 but as motor warms it gets better then turn off car restart runs like nothing wrong
clutch has become hard to press down. cable sounds like it is grinding,