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after changing speed sensor no o/d car starts out in drive gear can manually start in 1st then upshift to 2nd but seems like drive gear and will not shift. need help please
Why is there oil in my spark plugs, loss of power, but no smoke coming from the engine?
But there is no smoke coming from the car
started my car it made of weird noise kind of and died and wont start up again. I had a friend come over check the compression in the 1st and 2nd the first one no compression second one that was do you have any idea w...
What kind of lights are behind the speedometer? I want to replace with led lights.
I want to replace them with LEDs of color
Have replaced fuel pump, fuses, and tried changing a short...I am running out of ideas? Please help...after I changed the fuel pump it ran for a few blocks, then I changed the fuse and it ran a few miles. The next tim...
I parked my car nine days ago. I turned on my car, release the brake, put in reverse and it would not move backwards. It felt like something was behind the rear drivers side wheel. I got out and looked, nothing. I put...
I replaced the bulb in my high mount brake light and it still does not work. Both right and left brake lights do work. Any solutions would be appreciated.
5 months ago, went to start car, but would not start. Engine turned over and there was spark. All related fuses were good. Any suggestions?
need a diagram of location of a ac relay on a 2001 kia rio