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when I start it up it starts and then it dies and won't start again
the speakers on driverside produces no sound. Is there separate power source?
When you turn the ignition it turns over slowly, then starts. It sounds like the battery is low, but everything else that would lead to thinking it is a battery issue are not there. Battery is less than 2 years old. I...
I Need A New Power Steering Pump, & I Don't Know If There Are Any KIA's @ The Junk Yard ?
Temp is set at 65 deg. Heat comes out of Passenger side and rear vents. Blower appears to work fine.
I don't have a manual so I don't know if there is a special kind of oil and how much the car will hold.
My battery was dead, I recharged the battery and now the alarm is activated!
problem occurred after intake was removed for tune up key must have been turned on with tps disconnected at some point during repair thanks