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The upper arm control bolt welded off panel of strut tower and hole has gotten bigger. How much would it be for material/parts to patch/weld strut tower. Or how much would it be to replace. Part & labor?
It only shuts off for about a second and then comes back on. It does not only do it while I'm driving. While I was parked for about 5 minutes, it continued to shut off and back on. Does anyone have suggestions on what...
this is the second time that this has happened. the check engine light comes on when you start the car and then when you try to drive it has no power. It was put on a machine the first time to run the codes and I wa...
break fluid leaking left rear wheel
changed the battery and the alarm system went off, put old battery back in and the alarm system didnt go off but lights were on the dash for the door lock. drove the car about 2 miles and it shut off while driving, no...
signal lights dont work nor rear view mirrors all of this happened after a jump off, this was the first time this haPPENED
Radio heater all work till I turn the key then they go out?
no heat , the flap doesn't open to let the heat flow.
this did not occur until I put 215x60 tires on front it has 225 on rear.
when I start it up it starts and then it dies and won't start again
Now it won't work on the manual shift side. Shifts fine in drive just can't downshift manually gonna try disconnecting battery maybe will reset something is there a fuse or a linkage that could have been harmed when t...