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It only does this when it's cold. The same thing happened to my other Amanti. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Thanks

When i set the temperature to max temperature i only get cool air

ESP off light on dashboard staying on majority of time. Steering intermittently felt as though no control. When driving high speed on curve tires did not turn with the wheel turn. Steering wheel no longer horizontally level; when turned right, the wheel remains turned to the right though tires are straight; same for left turn. Now car is inoperable as steering wheel will turn, then lock, then turn, then lock; steering column making weird knocking noise; wheels not turning properly; also knocking noise coming from under hood passenger side. Any thoughts?

CD player lights blink across if key is in or out of ignition. Is there a reset or a way to stop. CDs won't come out, play or anything. It has ran battery down.

It happens sometimes where it won't start so I keep trying then after like 15 mins or so it starts

turn off a/c and engine on restart car runs fine for 5-10 mins car has 97K miles

My hazard button isn't working but my blinkers are does that mean I just have to replace the button itself ?

I had the battery replaced and now it stalls when you take your foot off the gas didn't have this problem before replacing the battery

I have a 2004 kia and my check engine light came on p-1159...p0320 and my tack isint working now I need to know what this means and how much will this cost and have there been any other kia having this problem and is this safe to still drive .the car is driving just fine

im looking at buying a kia amanti for $ 3000 but it have 189000 miles on it is that to many miles

The car will not shift by itself. I can sport shift it. but i have to floor the gas pedal to get going. No codes for that.

I'm wanting to change the plugs. What are the best type of plugs for my money? and does this car have spark plug wires or does it have coil on plugs?

After charging my Amanti 2004 when not driving it for several days (both battery & alternator checked recently and goog), the CD information lights won't go out and CD player will no operate. Digital readout says: Err 2. Any ideas? Thanks!

Its coming from the drivers side front wheel.
Im worried its going to ruin something i need answers to fix fast.

I switched the control module in the dash but it still doesnt heat the drivers side

resistant shifting from park into gear on first start of day. ok after that. approx 84000 miles.

when driving the scrubbing sound seems as though the tire is flat or as if a flapping noise.

Is my toe out on my right wheel or wheel Bering bad every thing seams tight when I pull the tire off for inspection

What does it control

When I put the car in reverse it sometimes hesitates before moving. At other times it may hesitate then jump into reverse. Maybe twice a week this happens.
Also the outside mirrors never stay in place. Every time I put the car in park the mirrors change position. I know they are supposed tilt when in reverse but they never go back to their original positions.