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Before the computer was replace I also had the check engine light throwing sensor codes. The overdrive had also been turning on and off on its own. The shop had my jeep for over 3 weeks. I have had it back for a week ...
Check engine light comes on and stays on. When Barrera is disconnected light goes off and stays off until jeep is driven a distance of thirty or more miles at higher speed.
Reversed the process, but moved the drive shaft ...lined up shaft were I thought it was. All together now, tried to move in reverse, will not shift in reverse(MANUEL TRANSMISSION)..
i cannot find where the switch commutateur interruptor location on a 2005 jeep wrangler any help will be deeply humble
looks to me like the blower motor has failed or the fan switch has failed. Wiring diagram shows a blower motor relay but I can't find it? I have changed the 40 and 10 amp fuses even though they were not bad.
the shifter moves freely up and down, but does not shift into gear
my wrangler will shift through all the gears fine but then it will kick out of gear if u let the rpms go down it will go back in gear but sticks in 2nd and wont come out till u put it in park its been doin it for a wh...
2005 commander jeep.
noise from rear differential?
radiator missing 4 bolts on the bottom...2 on the right and 2 on the left