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The linkage is fine the vacuum houses going to the front wheels look fine. Any advice?
as the vehicle is being stopped the brake is applied and when the clutch pedal is pressed down the rpm's go from 1000 to 2000 rpms. I replaced the air control sensor what else could cause this problem.
I am having my stock NP 231 replaced with a re-manufactured one with the slip yolk kit already installed. I gave the mechanic the new transfer case and the new rear drive shaft. I just want to know how many hours I sh...
5 speed manual transmission jumps out of first gear
My brake lights only work sometimes and I wanted to know how much it would be to rewire my brake lights
Started one day, wouldn't start the next. Had this problem before, so I replaced the fuel pump. Cleaned the fuel tank while it was out. Still won't start. Fuel pressure good at pressure bleed valve.
I understand that this is a overflow/drain tube for the A/C, but I go throught alot of coolant because it drain out of this tube. what would cause this?
Blower for ac/heater only works on highest speed
Condensate drips from the drain under the hood, I've tried blowing air & routing-out with a soft bristle brush. I get tiny pieces of Styrofoam & filings from aluminum & plastic out? A/C is on when the leak occurs. W...
I know its overflow line. Should water come out like a faucet running?
Freon was leaking from my AC. The shop put a dye in to isolate the leak and when I brought it back told me I needed a new AC Receiver Drier, needed to fix a couple of seals at the end of some hoses, and replace a shra...
when i get to the stop sign or stop light and i have my foot on the brake and then i get ready to go and i take my foot off the brake it does this jerking motion.
When i get to the stop sign or stop light and i have my foot on the brake and take it off to put it on the gas pedal it does this jerking motion.
tranfer case, leaking oil thru the seal, is that the pinon seal. what is the fix? Thanks Mike
had rear bearings checked... fine..brakes fine.. has made for quite a while....back tires kinda hop when it makes the noise...dont hear while driving...just starting to drive..grinding,,crunching sound