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The Jeep starts normally with the seat belt warning light going off in about 10 seconds whether the belt is on or off. But when I turn off the ignition the light will come back on in about 30 seconds but it very dim a...
I noticed this after having my clutch replaced. I was told last week that the through out bearing was vibrating could this be the issue? I took the vehicle back to the place I had the clutch put in and they are saying...
I had a machine shop check and shave the heads , I also replaced the intake manifold gasket and head gaskets and still get water in the oil. this jeep has the AMC 304 motor in it . any ideas?
This usually happens every time. Sometimes after running for a while I can shut it off and it starts right back up but not usually.
Is it best to rebuild or replace? (The "tell us your car" info is incorrect)
Every time I try give gas to go faster it. It doesn't pick up speed. Or when I try to go up a hill I give gas and does same thing.
I have an 89 Jeep Wrangler YJ, 4.2, manual tran. Was running perfectly down interstate. Came off of the ramp and the motor died and would not start back up. I have fuel from pump, fuel at carb, but intermittent spark ...
also note some water dripping down the fire wall on the interior. I have no AC and know it is not the coolent. No dealer nor body shop know how to remedy this problem I need advise thanks
I Checked the Yoke for Wear, it showed a Little, But Not enough to Leak??? Is the next Step Replacing the Pinion Bearings?
i have this 1990 jeep wrangler and i was just wondering how many pints of oil it need because it was dripping a little through the whole it has in the back to check it, it looks fine now but i would like to fill it up...
If someone has the engine and/or could install one, I would love an estimate. As it would need the origional style carb as well as the new tubing and line.
A local shop put the wrong engine in it and another one took the proper carb and put a wrong one into the wrong engine and shimmed it, now that sucks air and won't run. Would prefer someplace near Sioux Falls, SD.
won't start- it clicks! Do I need to replace ignition key switch?