Jeep Wrangler Problem Report

Jeep Wrangler Jeep recall on ignition switch due to short-circuit

(13 reports)

Jeep issued a recall on the ignition switch because the switch could short-circuit in the presence of water or impurities.

Engine cranks over but does not fire -
car will click over but wont kick on. -
wont start turn the key just a click replaced battery, starter, already and still does it. -
Turn the key and start clicks cleaned all my terminals grounds check all the wireing tested it all new starter and dosbthe same thin -
Getting very expensive to deal with it. Keep having the same problem over and over. -
Engine will not start at times and will cut off while driving. Turn signals will not work and radio will cut off without warning. Can giggle the key and sometimes get the electrical back on but not always. -
ignition switch causing ignition fuse to keep blowing . -
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