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the symbol of an engine comes on just over the heat gauge,is this cylinder head coolant port hard to get to,do I tackle this and the two thermostatsas well? I haven't even had the car 24 hours and already I have to lo...
I checked the fuses but all are good. Also, the horn stopped working as well a few days before the rear tailights. Could they be related?
There is no difference in the way it drives or brakes. Is this a costly and difficult fix? I've heard differing opinions. It come on while driving on a bumpy, back country road.
The back door doesn't open withthe remote control and i tried to open it with the control located at the drivers door with the same result
the front tire moves alot when its on jack stands
This happened out of nowhere, and would get better than worse before finally stopping to engage altogether. And there is no leek.
My jeep seemed to have a starter issue,it's a 2.4lt 5 spd in a 2008 Jeep Patriot 2wd,the starter has seemed to be kicking in and out as you tried to start it then I had to jump it and it started making a ticking noise...
recent purchase. past owner had same issue of stalling out of the blue occassionally. added feul cleaner with condensation helper added.seems to run a little rough prior to stalling, and one time i did smell feul.